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    Ryuei-ryu KARATE Seminar "Kata Secrets" of World Champions Part 4

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    Ryuei-ryu KARATE Seminar "Kata Secrets" of World Champions Part 4

    ■SEIPAI by Azusa Tomishiro, Sensei

    Part 4


    【 GEN Spotlight 】

    The Kata of Ryuei-ryu is sweeping the world nowadays.
    This seminar begins with an explanation of the characteristics of Ryuei-ryu, followed by a detailed explanation of Kata by Tsuguo Sakumoto himself, also featuring a demonstration by the world champions themselves.
    The explanation is not just limited to tips and tricks but also includes how to express the subtleties of Kata and other aspects of Ryuei-ryu's kata.





    Part 1


    ■Greeting & Introduction of Instructors

    ■History of Ryuei-ryu

    ■Warming up & Basics


    Part 2

    ■Special Features of Ryuei-ryu

    ■Coaching by Tsuguo Sakumoto, Sensei (explanation of ANAN, SUPARINPEI)


    Part 3

    ■Model Enbu and Key Points


    Part 4

    ■SEIPAI by Azusa Tomishiro, Sensei


    Part 5

    ■KURURUNFA by Yuka Shimizu, Sensei

    ■SUPARINPEI by Takuya Uemura, Sensei


    Part 6

    ■Special Enbu


    Part 7

    ■HEIKU by Ryo Kiyuna, Sensei


    Part 8

    ■PAIKU by Arata Kinjo, Sensiz

    Part 9

    ■ANAN by Ryo Kiyuna, Sensei

    ■General Overview and Closing Comments



    Year of Production: 2017

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