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    Bringing True Budo to the World

    The Online Dojo started with the idea that no matter who you are or where in the world you may be, you should be able to connect with everything that budo has to offer. It was created to be a borderless experience, bringing the essence of these Japanese martial arts to the world.

    In the modern, connected world, it may seem that all the information you will ever need is already at your fingertips. However, the source of this information is the very thing that makes the Online Dojo essential. The Online Dojo is the only source of information from such a wealth of Budo experience. Bringing you numerous revered and recognized masters from all over Japan, as well as world class competitors, the Online Dojo is more than content on streaming sights, the Online Dojo is the direct transmission of this knowledge from these Sensei directly to you.

    Budo is a way of life aimed at refining oneself through training in these martial arts, practicing proper etiquette, and tempering one’s heart and mind. Developed over generations, these concepts now come together to create modern Japanese Budo. This budo is what the Online Dojo along with numerous masters and various top-level practitioners in Japan, hopes to bring to the world, and you.

    Welcome to the Online Dojo, bringing the essence of Budo to future generations.

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