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  • Uekusa Ayumi
    Was a Participant in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
    Is a Asian Games champion, second place holder in the World Championships, and Certified JKF 5th Dan. Uekusa teaches her famous vanishing Chudan-Tsuki right here on the Online Dojo!
  • Kara Tatsuya
    Teaching the true basics of Karate with techniques that change in an instant.
    Explaining the meaning of each movement, Naka Sensei goes through all the basics of Karate.
    Understanding the basic ideas of Reiho and Uke, he applies these same ideas to more complicated techniques that can be used in everyday training.
    Naka Sensei way of teaching is simple and beautiful, and the ideas he teaches are applicable even outside of Karate.
  • Tadano Ayaka
    Member of the National Team for 7 years and a 2020 Tokyo Olympics nominee.
    Having a large amount of knowledge and experience in training methods such as yoga and fitness training. She is great at creating programs that won’t just help improve competitive Karate performance, but also to cut weight and increase physical fitness levels.
  • Tozaki Gakuji
    Born in San Diego, USA, he represents the US in Kata competitions.
    He is a member of Ryuei-ryu Okinawa Karate and has spent many years refining his body movements. As a result, he has achieved an amazing level of skill in manipulating his body. skills which he generously teaches to help anybody become better at Kata.
  • Sugimoto Risa
    Place holder at the All-Japan Championships and the World Championships in individual and team Kumite
    She is a strong advocate for the notion that, anybody can become stronger if they make an effort. And she uses this as the foundational idea for teaching how people can become stronger and how to win at competitions.
  • Tsukii Shin
    Having taught some of the highest-ranking Karate athletes in the world. He is known for his easy-to-follow theoretical explanations.
    He explains Many of today’s top athletes in international tournaments have mastered the traditional Karate way of using the body in their search for a more effective way to use their bodies.
  • Yamada Sara
    Winner of the All-Japan Elementary Tournament, All Japan Junior High School Inter-High School Tournament and All Japan Student Karate-do Championship Tournamen as well as a place holder in the 2016 World Championships in Kumite.
    She believes that the great thing about Karate is that it allows anybody to grow as a person.
    She is a strong believer in doing the best with what we got, and that if we keep doing our best then at some point it will lead to great results.
  • Shimizu Natsuki
    Natsuki Shimizu has won the Junior & Cadet, Under 21, and University World Championships.
    She is currently representing the All-Japan National Team in the women's team kata division and is rapidly gaining popularity.

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