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1.About Membership Plan

【Available videos for each plan】

  Preview ※ Free videos Monthly subscription video Rental video




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Free subscription plan

OK OK Signing up to the Monthly subscription plan is required. Purchasing points is required.

Monthly subscription plan

OK OK OK Purchasing points is required.


※Preview Function: This feature allows you to watch the first part of the video for free regardless of whether you are a free, monthly, or non-subscriber. 


Free Subscription Plan
By signing up for the free subscription plan you can watch all the videos in the free videos category free of charge.                      
You can also rent and watch videos available to monthly subscribers by using points purchased on the site.
*The points required for the rental of videos and the possible viewing period of different videos vary.


Monthly Subscription Plan

Watch all the videos you want in the monthly subscription videos category, including the videos in the free videos category for only $9.99 /month (tax included).
Special offers only available to monthly subscribers are added throughout the year.
*Available offers vary depending on the time of year.


Rental Videos
Rental videos can be viewed for 7 days after paying with points purchased prior to viewing.
You can watch the videos for 7 days with either a monthly plan or a free plan by purchasing points. (See next section)        


Purchasing Points
Watch rental videos and English subtitles by purchasing points.
Points can be purchased from the “Purchase points” page on your “My Page”.
Free plan subscribers are required to register a credit card when purchasing points.                      



Changing Subscription Plan

If you wish to change from the free subscription plan to the monthly subscription plan or the other way around within the same genre of Budo, first unregister the plan you are currently subscribed to in the "Membership" section on your “My Page”. After that, please select the subscription plan of your choice.

*If you wish to subscribe to more than one martial arts genre, you do not need to cancel your current subscription plan.

  • [Changing Plan within the same martial arts genre]
    e.g.,  from a Kendo free subscription plan to a Kendo monthly subscription plan

    1 ) First unsubscribe from your current Kendo free subscription plan in the "Membership" section on your “My Page”.
    2 ) Then please select the Kendo monthly subscription plan.

  • [Changing your subscription plan to another martial art genre]
    e.g. from a Kendo monthly subscription plan to an Iaido monthly subscription plan

    1 ) First unsubscribe from your current Kendo monthly subscription plan in the "Membership" section on your “My Page”.
    2 ) Then please select the Iaido monthly subscription plan.




Canceling Subscription (Unsubscribe)

On your “My page” click on the “Membership” section. At the bottom of the “Subscription Plans” section, click the “Unsubscribe” button and complete the survey. After completing the survey, please click the "Submit and Unsubscribe" button to cancel your subscription.

If you cancel your registration in the middle of the month, then your subscription will continue to be active until the last day of the month, upon which it will be canceled automatically. You can continue to use the service until the day of cancellation. (The message "You can watch until ********" will be displayed in the subscription plan section.

**The cancellation date will differ depending on when you signed up for the subscription plan.

Signing up to the Kendo monthly subscription on January 1st, 2023 
(In this case, the monthly payment will be settled on the first of each month)
Cancellation of the Kendo monthly subscription plan on May 2nd, 2023
The Kendo monthly subscription will be automatically canceled on the May 31st, 2023
(As the payment for May has already been settled on May 1st)




2.Users Guide

Signing up 
How to sign up                                                                                                    



Videos on The Online Dojo 

There are three types of videos.

The preview function allows you to watch the first part of the video for free, regardless of whether you are a non-subscriber, free subscriber, or monthly subscriber.

  • Free videos: Available for free with either the free subscription or monthly subscription plans.
  • Monthly subscription videos: Watch all the videos you want by signing up to the monthly subscription plan. There is no expiration date to watch these videos as long as you are a subscriber.
  • Rental Videos: You can watch rental videos for 7 days on a free subscription plan or a monthly subscription plan by using points that are purchasable on the site. Rental videos have 7 days expiration date, so please make sure to watch them before that date.





About Icons

To make it easy to know which videos are available for viewing, we have put icons in the video thumbnails. The types of icons and the conditions for viewing are as follows.   

F・・・Free videos. Content available to subscribers of the monthly and free plan.
S・・・・Monthly subscription videos. Content available to subscribers of the monthly plan.
Free plan subscribers can also view these videos as rental videos by paying with points.
R・・・Rental videos. Rental videos are rental content that can be viewed by using  pre-purchased points.



Seaching Videos
How to search for videos.
(1) Search by entering keywords in the search window at the top of the page.                                                                                                                         
(2) Search by using tags.

As shown in the screenshot below, tags are placed below videos.
Clicking on a tag will display related videos, making it easier to find videos of interest.




How to post your comment on videos

Under each video there is a message box that says "Write a comment".                                                                                                                                                        
Please use this to send us your thoughts, comments, and/or  messages of support.


About "My List"
Rental videos and articles purchased with points will be displayed in the “My List” section.  
In the case of rental videos purchased with points, the expiration date will also be displayed.  



3.About Subtitles

[How to display subtitles on videos]
Click on the small icon in the shape of a cogwheel in the lower right corner of the video and select "display subtitles".
(Move your mouse to the area in the lower right part of the video and the icon will appear.)

About Subtitles

For content with English subtitles available, you can enjoy watching it with subtitles by purchasing points. Subtitles will be added as soon as possible, so we ask for your kind patience.

There are two types of subtitle translation: AI translation and regular translation.

The number of points needed to purchase the subtitles depends on the content.

*AI translations: Translations made by our AI translations software and checked by our dedicated staff. These subtitles are prepared as soon as possible after the content is released.

*Regular translations: Our dedicated staff handles everything from transcription to translation. Although compared to AI translation, the process is slower, these subtitles can be easier to read and understand.



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