All the Techniques of Japanese Sword Tsukamaki Part 2

All the Techniques of Japanese Sword Tsukamaki Part 2

The craftsman who wraps the hilt of a Japanese sword is called Tsukamaki-shi. Shuji Mitani is the foremost expert in this field, and this video shows all the techniques that Mitani possesses. The "Ippon-dome" method, which is the mainstream of Tsukamaki today, was officially adopted by the Tokugawa shogunate in the Edo period (1603-1868), and is the only method of hilt-wrapping that inherits the tradition. This video also includes the techniques of "Nihon-dome" and "Jabara-dome," which Mitani studied, as well as various types of hilt shapes, making the hilt wood, applying the shark skin, about the cord and the position and insertion of Munuki," etc. This is strongly recommended for all those who are interested in Japanese swords.

Part 2 explains how to prepare for Tsukamaki wrapping, difference among various Tsuka-ito cord and the guide of how to determine the length, and how to actually wrap the cord around the hilt.

Cast: Shuji Mitani


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