Image Training Hayashida Kyohei Harai-Kote

Image Training Hayashida Kyohei Harai-Kote

These videos are intended to help improve one's kendo by repeatedly watching the waza 
from multiple angles as they are performed by experts.
Please use these videos to create a visual image that can be applied to your own kendo.

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Hayashida Kyohei (28)
Occupation: High school faculty member
Alma mater: Tsukuba University
Height: 172cm
Weight: 77kg
Kamae: Chudan
Waza speciality: Men 
Prefered Shinai: Koto style
Tuska Length: 32cm
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  • Nick
    Really high level teaching - arigatou gozaimasu! I love these techniques.
    2/14/23 AT 20:18
    Thank you for taking the time to watch the videos and for your kind comment! It brings us great satisfaction to learn that you have gained knowledge through our content.
    6/23/23 AT 01:42


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