Japan "Kendo Kata(Kendo Form)" encyclopedia Kotachi Nihonme

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Japan "Kendo Kata(Kendo Form)" encyclopedia Kotachi Nihonme

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The Japan Kendo Kata is full of important elements of kendo, and when learned correctly, the will improve the quality of our kendo through learning its reiho, ways of weilding the sword, and the deeper meanings of these movements.
This has been reiterated numerous times by many Hanshi in the "Hanshi - The path to 8th dan" series on GEN: The Online Dojo.
However, when we try to practice the Japan Kendo Kata, we need a partner and time, so many of us cannot practice often.
To solve these problems, the Kendo Kata Encyclopedia was created and is now available at GEN: The Online Dojo.
In the Kendo Kata Encyclopedia, not only covers the Japan Kendo Kata, explaining each in detail, but also makes it possible to practice each face to face.
We hope that by watching this program and learning the correct Japan Kendo Kata you will be able to apply them to your shinai kendo.


Higashi Yoshimi Hanshi Hachidan(Uchi-tachi)

Matsuda Hayato Hanshi Hachidan(Shi-tachi)



Ishizuka Yoshifumi Hanshi Hachidan


Form of "Tachi"


Uchi-tachi : Morote-gedan

Shi-tachi : Tyudan-Hanmi no Kamae

Japan "Kendo Kata(Kendo Form)" encyclopedia

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