OSS!! JOURNEY -Shimizu Natsuki touches upon the essence of Okinawan Karate Part 1 - Previous issue -

OSS!! JOURNEY -Shimizu Natsuki touches upon the essence of Okinawan Karate Part 1 - Previous issue -

Part 1 Suparinpei 


series 1  

Shinjo Takahiro Sensei of Kenryu-doushikai

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Previous issue : Explanation of and points to keep in mind for Suparinpei

Next issue: Interview with Shinjo sensei and explanation of Tomari-te's Chatanyara Kuusanku


In "OSS! JOURNEY" GEN's talented young karate athlete Natsuki Shimizu visits the masters of Okinawan Karate.

Today's competitive karate (kata and kumite) has evolved in some areas, but there are also areas where the original body mechanics of karate has been forgotten.

We are curious to see how young karate athletes will evolve when they meet the masters who inherit Okinawan Karate.

In the first installment of this series, kata competitor Natsuki Shimizu visits Takahiro Shinjo Sensei.

He teaches the essence of Goju-ryu using Super Rinpei. He also has a fresh understanding of Gamaku and Chinkuchi, which are essential kata for Okinawan Karate.

For Sanchin, he says, "Don't walk with your feet, walk with your knees.

The phrase "Gyakugoshi" is mentioned many times, and it seems to be the source of power in karate.

Shinjo teaches the essence of karate, moving back and forth from shape to practical application. Please watch Shimizu's evolution!



Natsuki Shimizu, born in 1997, is a member of 1&D Holdings, Inc. and has won the Junior & Cadet, Under 21, and University World Championships. She is currently representing the All Japan National Team in the women's team kata devision, and is rapidly gaining popularity.

Shimizu was trained by Shinjo Takahiro, and after experiencing the depth of Okinawan Karate, she has became very interested in the Okinawan way of teaching.

In the interview, Shinjo Sensei explains his method for teaching high school and junior high school students who compete at the national level in kata.

The secret, it seems, is that he provides individualized instruction based on the characteristics of each athlete.

Shinjo Sensei's goal is to teach karate as a martial art that can be used in real life, and with this Shimizu may have been awakened to karate as a lifelong study.



Year of Production: 2021


OSS!! JOURNEY -Shimizu Natsuki touches upon the essence of Okinawan Karate- Article


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