JKF Champion kids Best Selection SHITEI-KATA - Part 3

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JKF Champion kids Best Selection SHITEI-KATA - Part 3

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Kata All Japan Boys and Girls Gold Emblem

Carefully selected from the best 8 of the 1st-8th All Japan Boys and Girls Karate Championships
Large collection of basic and designated types!
Permanent preservation version ideal for image training! !!

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Part 1

Basic kata
Misaki Tanaka(Nagano 1st)/1st competition
Tomomi Nishioka(Kumamoto 2nd)/2nd competition

GEKISAI second
Natsuko Koizumi(Kanagawa 1st)/1st competition
Naoto Koizumi(Kanagawa 2nd)/1st competition
Miyu Suzuki(Kanagawa 3rd)/2nd competition
Yuhei Horiwa(Osaka 3rd)/5th competition
Kohei Horiwa(Osaka 6th)/5th competition

HEIAN First stage
Erika Watamura(Shizuoka 1st)/2nd competition

HEIAN Two-stage
Raita Bando(Okayama 1st)/1st competition
Kana Miura(Nagano 1st)/1st competition
Junpei Haragawa(Shizuoka 1st)/1st competition
Kawasaki Emiko(Shizuoka 2nd)/1st competition

HEIAN Three steps
Mio Hirasawa(Tochigi 1st)/2nd competition

HEIAN Five steps
Natsuki Nakane(Tochigi 2nd)/4th competition

HEIAN Two-stage
Yuri Nonaka(Osaka 1st)/3rd competition
Harue Iwafuji(Osaka 2nd)/2nd competition
Yuhei Horiwa(Osaka 2nd)/4th competition

HEIAN Five steps
Harue Iwafuji(Osaka 1st)/1st competition
Makoto Tomikawa(Osaka 4th)/2nd competition
Julia Nagano(Yamanashi 4th)/5th competition
Yukari Suzuki(Tokyo 5th)/1st competition

PINAN First stage
Tomoki Kyofuji(Fukui 1st)/1st competition
Hide Ito(Yamagata 2nd)/1st competition
Masato Ito(Yamagata 3rd)/1st competition
Satomi Arakawa(Yamagata 4th)/2nd competition

PINAN Two-stage
Azusa Sasaki(Yamagata 3rd)/1st competition

PINAN Four steps
Chinatsu Ito(Gifu 1st)/2nd competition

PINAN Five steps
Aito Osumi(Yamanashi 2nd)/1st competition


Part 2

First designated kata
Nana Kudo(Tokyo 1st)/2nd competition
Anji Suzuki(Tokyo 1st)/6th competition
Ayu Okada(Hyogo 1st)/8th competition
Naoki Yamada(Chiba 1st)/1st competition
Shoki Endo(Tottori 1st)/6th competition
Daiki Shigeyama(Hyogo 2nd)/7th competition
Yuta Shibuya(Kanagawa 2nd)/8th competition
Yuhei Horiwa(Osaka 3rd)/5th competition
Hikaru Kawanami(Hyogo 4th)/1st competition
Anna Okada(Kyoto 4th)/1st competition
Momoka Asakura(Miyagi 4th)/6th competition
Mayumi Yamashita(Shizuoka 6th)/5th competition
Issei Shinbaba(Hyogo 6th)/1st competition
Takuya Sugiyama(Saitama 6th)/3rd competition
Daiki Ozawa(Kyoto 6th)/8th competition


Part 3

Hiroki Kubo(Osaka 1st)/1st competition
Hiroki Fukushima(Saitama 2nd)/2nd competition
Ikuka Irie(Hyogo 3rd)/4th competition
Kentaro Kawamura(Saitama 3rd)/1st competition
Taichi Murakami(Hyogo 3rd)/2nd competition

Aika Nishiwaki(Tochigi 1st)/1st competition
Kentaro Takabe(Yamanashi 1st)/1st competition
Yasunari Sakabe(Ehime 1st)/8th competition
Tsubasa Seyama(Saitama 1st)/8th competition
Hikaru Hara(Kumamoto 2nd)/1st competition
Shizuka Kubo(Kumamoto 2nd)/1st competition
Narumi Ishizuka(Hokkaido 2nd)/3rd competition
Ryosuke Ichio(Miyazaki 2nd)/1st competition
Misaki Hattori(Gifu 3rd)/1st competition
Yuka Yagihara(Saitama 4th)/1st competition
Hiroaki Takiya(Aomori 5th)/1st competition
Kei Suzuki(Tochigi 6th)/2nd competition
Yu Kawasaki(Fukuoka 6th)/5th competition


Part 4

Takahiro Ito(Chiba 2nd)/7th competition
Saori Ishibashi(Kanagawa 3rd)/8th competition
Misato Hirahara(Niigata 5th)/1st competition
Yuna Sato(Saitama 5th)/8th competition
Ryugo Iwamaru(Fukuoka 5th)/2nd competition
Yuki Hoshiyama(Tokyo 5th)/7th competition
Kei Murakami(Yamanashi 5th)/8th competition
Mayu Yamamura(Hokkaido 6th)/5th competition
Tsubasa Oyama(Hokkaido 6th)/5th competition
Teru Saito(Hokkaido 6th)/7th competition


Part 5

Shiori Tsuji(Osaka 1st)/3rd competition
Kaho Yamamoto(Kyoto 1st)/8th competition
Kaede Omori(Tokyo 1st)/6th competition

Tsuneki Takao(Kyoto 1st)/7th competition
Misaki Tanaka(Nagano 2nd)/2nd competition
Koya Shibamoto(Tokyo 2nd)/6th competition
Kotaro Hagiwara(Kanagawa 2nd)/6th competition
Mayumi Yamashita(Shizuoka 3rd)/2nd competition
Natsumi Fujimoto(Osaka 3rd)/7th competition
Ayaka Takeshita(Saitama 3rd)/8th competition


Part 6


Yuya Shimazaki(Nagano 3rd)/1st competition
Ryoma Kitaoka(Osaka3rd)/7th competition
Mayu Ono(Tokyo 4th)/8th competition
Jyunya Funakubo(Yamanashi 5th)/8th competition
Haruka Osada(Toyama 6th)/1st competition
Hikari Arai(Yamanashi 6th)/8th competition
Yusuke Hasegawa(Yamanashi 6th)/4th competition
Miru Murata(Yamanashi 6th)/8th competition


Part 7

Miki Takebe(Chiba 1st)/2nd competition
Rin Oga(Kanagawa 1st)/7th competition
Saki Yamamoto(Kyoto 1st)/7th competition
Tomohiro Shirakawa(Ibaraki 1st)/2nd competition
Yurika Iyama(Hyogo 2nd)/1st competition
Chiaki Asakura(Hyogo 2nd)/3rd competition
Yuu Katayama(Shimane 2nd)/6th competition
Nami Nonomura(Yamaguchi 2nd)/7th competition
Shota Kuga(Nara 2nd)/8th competition

Part 8


Saya Suzuki(Fukushima 3rd)/1st competition
Satsuki Shimizu(Saitama 3rd)/7th competition
Itsuki Tomita(Chiba 3rd)/1st competition
Masato Ito(Yamagata 3rd)/1st competition
Shoichi Mikamo(Tokyo 3rd)/3rd competition
Ryo Fujiwara(Saitama 3rd)/3rd competition
Yuhi Watanabe(Yamanashi 3rd)/5th competition
Sara Hayashi(Tokyo 4th)/1st competition
Asami Sasaki(Saitama 5th)/1st competition
Yukiko Saiga(Osaka 5th)/1st competition
Ryo Miyashita(Yamanashi 5th)/2nd competition
Reiko Sako(Okayama 6th)/4th competition

Yurina Iwasaki(Shizuoka 1st)/1st competition
Nanase Kawamukai(Iwate 3rd)/4th competition
Kiriko Washio(Niigata 5th)/1st competition
Keisuke Tomita(Yamanashi 6th)/4th competition

Part 9

Second designated kata
Mikako Iwasa(Kyoto 3rd)/2nd competition
Youhei Tada(Miyazaki 4th)/2nd competition
Hironori Yoshimura(Saitama 4th)/7th competition
Fumiyo Matsuda(Kyoto 6th)/1st competition

Takamasa Oshikawa(Miyazaki 3rd)/2nd competition
Masanosuke Morita(Fukuoka 6th)/2nd competition

Hikaru Hara(Kumamoto 3rd)/2nd competition

Shunsuke Abe(Hokkaido 1st)/2nd competition
Minami Matsuwaka(Okayama 2nd)/1st competition
Ryo Arakawa(Hokkaido 2nd)/1st competition
Yu Kawasaki(Fukuoka 3rd)/2nd competition
Hikaru Kadoya(Mie 4th)/2nd competition
Genna Yui(Tochigi 5th)/2nd competition
Chihiro Tsunakawa(Tochigi 5th)/1st competition
Hayato Sasaki(Nagasaki 5th)/2nd competition
Yusuke Kato(Mie 5th)/2nd competition
Kei Suzuki(Tochigi 5th)/2nd competition
Koji Arimoto(Okayama 5th)/2nd competition


Part 10

Yumiko Higuchi(Yamanashi 3rd)/1st competition
Yuuto Watanabe(Yamanashi 3rd)/1st competition
Eri Takahashi(Gifu 4th)/2nd competition
Chieri Hara(Kagawa 5th)/1st competition
Asami Sasaki(Saitama 6th)/2nd competition

Nami Nukui(Tokyo 1st)/1st competition
Yuta Ishiguro(Shizuoka 2nd)/1st competition
Ryosuke Okita(Nagasaki 3rd)/2nd competition
Yuya Watanabe(Osaka 3rd)/7th competition
Yuu Katayama(Shimane 4th)/8th competition
Ryuya Ono(Tokyo 4th)/2nd competition
Arihiro Tokunaga(Hyogo 4th)/7th competition
Youta Matsui(NAra 4th)/8th competition


Part 11


Sara Hayashi(Tokyo 5th)/2nd competition
Miyu Sakamaki(Osaka 5th)/8th competition
So Suzuki(Shizuoka 5th)/1st competition
Kota Monma(Tokyo 5th)/1st competition
Eri Sekita(Tokyo 6th)/1st competition
Shiho Akutsu(Kanagawa 6th)/1st competition
Arisa Nakamura(Saitama 6th)/8th competition
Daichi Nakamura(Tokyo 6th)/2nd competition

Kaede Wada(Shizuoka 3rd)/2nd competition
kozan Mikami(Hyogo 3rd)/1st competition

Ayaka Fujimura(Okayama 2nd)/2nd competition



※The kata of the players recorded in Shotokanryu Heian 3dan is Shitoryu heian 3dan.We apologize for the correction.
※It is not recorded because there are no players in the best 8 or above who are performing SEISHAN in the first designated kata.
  Thank you for your understanding.


Year of Production: 2009


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