Privacy Policy

The Media Japan Corporation (From here on forward referred to as "the company") is engaged in the business of media and cloud-based video distribution through the Online Dojo service. For the purpose of appropriately acquiring and handling all private information that are used, all employees of the company must abide by these policies.

  • The company shall abide by the regulations including the laws related to privacy policies, and the policies set by the country of Japan.
  • The company uses and provides the framework for the appropriate acquisition of private information, considering the content and size of the business. For this to be achieved, acquisition of private information that, is beyond the necessary for achieving a certain goal, is not allowed and for this to be realized measures must be devised.
  • The company must, in the event where some or all the privacy policies are entrusted to others, devise measures for the entrusted private information to be safely managed and for this the appropriate directing of entrusted personnel is necessary.
  • The company is not allowed to provide private information to third parties without an agreement from the individual and/or in events that are statutable.
  • The company must devise measures to prevent and rectify the damage, loss, and leakage of private information. The company must strive to provide quick and appropriate response and counseling related to the privacy policies.
  • The company must continuously improve the privacy policy management system.

Privacy Policy

  • The purpose for the use of private information.
    Media Japan Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the (company) may acquire private information on the Online Dojo (hereinafter referred to as “The Online Dojo”) for use in the following
    • To provide our services to customers, process orders and payments, and to contact customers regarding these matters.
    • The customization of content provided by The Online Dojo to customers.
    • Improving company service
    • Implementing investigations on the actual conditions of service usage of the company
    • Preventing acts that concerns dishonest use of content and illegality
    • Protecting the Company’s rights
    • Providing information related to the features and services of the company to recommend to customers
  • Pertaining to the acquisition of personal information
    • Our customers (including both paid members and free members) who wish to register as a member of The Online Dojo (including both paid and free members), the Company will request the entry or input of personal information necessary for the provision of our services in the form of a written application for registration or on the web display and will acquire the information provided by the customer in response to this request.
    • The Company will acquire and use the following information from customers who have registered or wish to register as members of The Online Dojo to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes described in part (1.) above.
      • Basic information
        Name, country of residence, address, e-mail address, date of birth
      • Credit card and payment information
      • Information related to your relationship with martial arts
        Martial arts experience, years of experience, dojo affiliation
      • IT and system data, including usage of our websites and mobile applications.
        *In doing so, we may use cookies and similar technologies.
        Please refer to the "Cookie Policy" for details on how this may be implemented.
      • Content of enquiries and opinions to the Company The information contained in the communication with the customer, the content of the enquiry, request, or opinion (including the cause of the enquiry, request, or opinion and how it was resolved), etc.
  • Private information procedures.

    For information regarding the use of personal information, disclosures of personal information, corrections of personal information, additions to or deletion of certain content, suspensions or deletions of rights of use, or any other matters relating to our disclosure agreement, please contact the following customer service center.
    Customer Service Center:

  • With respect to the personal information of customers located in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom, this provision shall take precedence over the "Handling of Personal Information of Customers Located in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom" (hereinafter referred to as the "EEA Provisions"). In addition, in relation to the EEA clause, this provision may be referred to as the "Main Provision." For customers to whom the EEA Terms apply, the provisions of the EEA Terms shall apply in the event of any conflict between these Terms and the EEA Terms.

Cookie Policy

In order to use our online service as a paid or free member (hereinafter referred to as "member"), agreement to each of the following must be made. However, if for any reason access or use of the service is made without having made this agreement, it will be considered usage in agreement of the following items.

About Cookies and IP Address Information

For the purposes of achieving the following points, the company must use the access log (including the IP address) acquired from cookies and users, and users must agree to this.

  • The purpose of analyzing the trends of the users is to plan and provide better service.
  • For the purpose of adjusting double advertising and redundant advertising
  • For the purpose of providing to third parties, when implementing action targeted advertisements that includes recommendations of appropriate broadcasting programs that match the tastes of the user’s hobbies and such.

Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

  • The user must agree that the systems that comprise our services may store and refer to cookies on the equipment being used.
  • The Company uses Google analytics feature for cookies and such, and the purpose or contents of use, is shown below.
    The contents of the Google analytics feature that the company uses include, remarketing, Google display network that is related with impression and such reports, user distribution reports, interest category related reports and such
  • The company uses the remarketing feature of Google analytics, through methods to combine the first party cookies and third-party cookies acquired from the advertiser and the third-party distributing license (including Google), in order to create, optimize, and distribute new advertisements on the basis of past actions of users visiting the site of the advertiser or the advertisement indicator.

Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

The company analyzes and investigates how the agreement of the advertisement indication or advertisement service influences or uses the data of interest-based advertisements (advertisements that match the assumed interests of the user) or data of third-party users for marketing to analyze and investigate. The purpose for this analysis and investigation is mainly targeted at improving the service or advertisement service and does not target a specific individual.

Handling of personal information of customers
located in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom

The Media Japan Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "the company") will handle the personal information of customers residing in the European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as the "EEA"), and/or the United Kingdom, based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR") and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (hereinafter referred to as "DPA 2018"), and other national and international data protection and privacy legislations (collectively referred to as "data protection laws").

As the laws of the EEA and the United Kingdom are similar and customers in both regions have very similar rights, the references to GDPR in the following chapters should also be read as references to the corresponding UK law.

A guardian’s permission or consent must be obtained, if the customer is under the age of 16 years old and wants to use the Online Dojo.

In the case of another person applying, entering in information, etc. on behalf of the customer, the customers consent must be obtained.

In the event of a conflict between the provisions provided here and the content provided below, the following provisions shall prevail.

  • The controller of personal information
    The customer’s personal information will be managed by the Media Japan Corporation.
    Based on the data protections laws the company protects the information collected and used by the administrator (the person who manages and decides what to do with the customers personal information) and the processor (the person who acts on the instructions of the controller).
  • Legal basis for processing personal data and the type of personal data processed
    The company processes the customers personal data, as specified below, based on the legal basis set forth in the GDPR articles 6 & 7. In addition, the company processes sensitive personal data such as the customers religious beliefs and health status in accordance with the special standards set out in the GDPR articles 9 & 10.
    • To perform the contracted services offered to the customer, the company will collect and process the necessary personal data of the customer for the reasons listed below.
      - Processing purposes
      To provide our services to the customer, processing orders and payments, and to contact the customer regarding these points.
      - Types of data collected
      Customer's name, email address, country of residence, address, date of birth, credit, and payment information.
    • If necessary and the company has justifiable legitimate reasons for it, the company will collect and process the personal data from the customer for the reasons listed below.
      - Processing purposes
      To Improve the company’s services, to conduct surveys on the actual state of use of these services, to prevent illegal acts such as unauthorized use of content and to protect the company’s rights.
      - Types of data collected
      Martial arts event in which the customer participates, years of experience, and the dojo to which the customer belongs.
      Information contained in the communication with customers, contents of inquiries, requests, and opinions.
    • In case of the customers explicit prior consent
      With the explicit prior consent of the customer, the company will also collect and process the customers personal data for the following reasons.
      The customer reserves the right to withdraw their consent at any time by the methods specified when the consent was obtained. However, the legality of any processing that has taken place before withdrawal of the consent is not affected by the withdrawal.
      - Processing purpose
      To customize the content the customer uses and to provide recommendations and information to the customer about the company’s functions and services.
      - Types of data collected
      Cookies (including technologies similar to cookies such as pixels and local storage) and access logs obtained from users (including IP addresses).
  • The company will not make decisions, that can have any legal effect or equally significant impact on the customer, based solely on automated data processing.
  • Sources of personal data acquisition
    The company will only collect personal data directly from the customer.
  • Retention period of personal data
    The company will only retain the customers personal data for the period necessary to achieve the above specified reasons of acquisition and processing. The specific retention period of the acquired personal data is determined with consideration to the purpose of processing, the nature of the personal data, and the legal and/or business necessity of retaining the personal data.
  • The customers rights
    The customer has the following rights to the personal data that the company collects and processes.
    • Acquisition of information related to data processing
      The customer reserves the right to obtain all necessary information from the company regarding the company’s data processing activities relating to the customer (GDPR articles 13 & 14).
    • Access to personal data
      The customer has the right to receive confirmation from the company whether any personal data related to the customer has been processed and, if so, to access that personal data and certain related information (GDPR article 15).
    • Correction or deletion of personal data
      The customer has the right to correct any inaccurate personal data, and to complete any incomplete data related to the customer without undue delay (GDPR article 16). The customer also reserves the right to delete personal data related to the customer without undue delay if certain requirements are met (GDPR article 17).
    • Restrictions on processing personal data
      The customer has the right to limit the processing of the customers personal data if certain requirements are meet (GDPR article 18).
    • Objection to the processing of personal data
      The customer has the right to object to the processing of the customers personal data when it meets certain requirements (GDPR article 21).
    • Personal data portability
      The customer has the right to receive personal data related to the customer in a commonly used, structured, and machine-readable format, if certain requirements are met. The customer has the right to have this data transferred to them by a separate entity without interruption from the company (GDPR article 20).
    • None subjection to automated decision making
      The customer has the right not to be subject to decisions (including profiling) based solely on automated data processing that can have any legal effect or similarly significant influence on the customer, if certain requirements are met (GDPR article 22).
      If the customer wishes to exercise the above mentioned right, please contact the company through the address listed below in paragraph 8.
      The customer may challenge the company’s processing of the customers personal data such as the customers whereabouts, workplace, or violations of GDPR to any other member nation of the privacy protection supervising body.
  • Changes to this policy
    The company may change this policy at any time. If we make any substantive or material changes, we will contact the customer through this website and, if necessary, through email notification.
  • Contact information
    If you have any questions or inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the data administrator through one of the following addresses.

Media Japan Headquarters Customer Service Center
452-1 Shinhakusuimaru-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

* This is a translation of the original Japanese text, in case of any discrepancies the original Japanese will take precedence.