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    ONLINE KENDO ACADEMY: Murase Ryo - Part 6 Small Men-uchi

    ONLINE KENDO ACADEMY: Murase Ryo - Part 6 Small Men-uchi

    Part 6 - Small Men-uchi



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    • Nick
      I am watching this again, it is EXACTLY what I need to learn right now. Again, thank you so much! 1. Small steps into maai. 2. Shinai on top of theirs (otherwise your seme will not win). 4. When on top, then move - strike. Key points: I love learning about the right hand. Thank you so much. 1. 'just close fingers', 'its all in fingers tips', 'flex, thumb, apply pressure to shinai'. I see Sensei's thumb has a forward direction... Feet: do not fumikomi too far, as it will pull back - small steps, keeping left foot always with right. ARIGATOU!
      2/18/23 AT 19:18
      We want to express our gratitude for your viewership and the warm comment you provided! It's fantastic to know that you have found educational value in the videos. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and the positive feedback you shared.
      6/23/23 AT 01:42
    • Nick
      This is an excellent lesson. And the teacher is excellent, as he explains a lot of the finer details. These details are very good for someone like me who is trying to imrpove quickly. Currently I am 4th Kyu in Australia, an adult 48 years old. And there are many people who have done kendo for a long time. So, these video are great as they help me advance quickly. Airgatou Gozaimasu.
      11/25/22 AT 06:06
      On behalf of our team, I would like to say thank you for your greatful message! We're very glad to hear your comment and it's been helpful your training. Thank you so much.
      12/16/22 AT 01:12


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