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    Kendo University Kendo Ranks and Exams Vol.6

    Kendo University Kendo Ranks and Exams Vol.6

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    Kendo University, original content only on GEN: The Online Dojo, is being taught by Professor Emeritus, Kunio Hayashi,  Professor Emeritus at Chukyo University.
    The first episodes cover "Kendo Ranks and Exams."
    Most kendoka will take dan promotions with the goal being, of course, to pass the examination.
    In this series, Kunio Hayashi explains the results of his research based on various data collected from examiners and his own experience of training for the dan promotion that will be covered over six sessions.
    Kendo practitioners who are looking to pass higher level dan examinations or who are already preparing for one are encouraged to take a look at this series.

    Instructor:Hayashi Kunio,Hanshi 8th Dan

    Kendo University Kendo Ranks and Exams
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