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    Q. Can I sign up from overseas as well?
    Q. Can I sign up as a minor (under 18 years of age)?
    Q. When will I be billed?
    Q. What payment methods are available?
    Q. When can I start using the services?
    Q. If I cancel my subscription in the middle of a month, will I be refunded the days I do not use? How long can I continue to use the services?
    Q. Can I cancel at any time?
    Q. Is it possible to get a refund?
    Q. If I cancel my subscription, can I sign back up again at later date?
    Q. What do I need in order to watch the content?
    Q. I can't watch the videos. what should I do?
    Q. There is no sound. What should I do?
    Q. Can I download the videos on The Online Dojo to my device?
    Q. What does streaming mean?
    Q. What do the "F", "S", and "R" icons in the video thumbnails mean?
    Q. I don't know how to display English subtitles on my videos.
    Q. What are the Points? How do I purchase the Points?
    Q. Can I use The Online Dojo even if I have no experience in martial arts?
    Q. What kind of content do you offer?
    Q. How can I know when new content is uploaded?
    Q. Other questions