Bringing the essence of Budo to future generations

‘GEN’ comes from the German word meaning gene. These are the building blocks upon which heritage is built. We have chosen the word GEN as the name for our Online Dojo because we hope to pass on the essence (the gene) of Budo to future generations.


Budo is built on the idea of refining one’s character through the practice of martial skills, learning proper etiquette, and tempering the mind and body. This has developed over many generations to become part of traditional Japanese culture or what we know today as budo.

The word Budo itself comes from the combination of two different Japanese characters. The first being bu, meaning “martial,” while the second do, meaning “path.” This comes from the idea that there is a path to training and learning that the practitioner must go through to develop spiritually.

This idea of developing oneself through the practice of martial skills is something that we believe can resonate with many people and that this is one of the reasons budo has spread so widely, not just within Japan, but to countries all over the world.


“GEN: The Online Dojo” began with the idea that no matter where you are in the world you should be able to connect with the essence of Budo. This, we feel, is especially important if we wish to leave this all-important gene for the next generation to enjoy.

It is our hope that the essence of Budo can continue to be (re)discovered and enjoyed by all future generations.

We hope to see you on GEN!


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